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Support services and tools: Marketing

Create your own website, benefit from the social networks, take good care of public relations, set the price of your products, etc.

Marketing mix is an internal business strategy, where four basic variables of your activity are analysed:

The core product or service and the supplementary elements or services to that product.
The life cycle of the product.

Pricing strategy.
Elasticity of the demand price.
Production costs, etc.

Public relations.
Product localisation, etc.

The channels and product or service go through before reaching their client (e-commerce, shops, etc.).

Before launching your brand on the market, building your own website or printing thousands of leaflets, take your time and think about it. There are a series of basic principles which will help you settle on your marketing strategy.

Marketing can help you:

  • Meet the needs of your target audience.
  • Increase sales.
  • Maximise profits.
  • Be more competitive in the marketplace.


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