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Support services and tools: International business

How and when is it advisable to tackle internationalisation strategies?

For many businesses in the cultural and creative sector, the local market is not big enough to develop their strategy, or they are simply founded with a more "global" concept.

Would you like to widen your sales to other countries? Have you heard about internationalisation, but don't know where to start? Have you got some international clients, but want to keep on growing abroad?

From the Basque DCC, we help you get your business project on the right track towards foreign markets, by means of simple tools adapted to the Cultural and Creative Industries, which allow you to guide your internationalisation in a sustainable, solid and secure way.

We have an internationalisation guide through which we can learn:

  • The importance of Internationalisation Diagnosis.
  • The advantages of having an Internationalisation Plan.
  • The public financing possibilities.
  • The experience of companies.


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Do you need advice or guidance?

Are you looking for tools to help you think about your project, company or organisation? Do you have any doubts or questions regarding tools or programs?

With our experience and network, we support you through all the phases of your business initiative by means of personalised advice.

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