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Support services and tools: Evolve as a company

Supporting growth, market expansion or cross-pollination of your business.

You're bound to have asked yourself more than once where your business fits into your environment and about the need to have a strategy and plans to manage your future.

There are diverse possibilities and no one knows better than you your business plans for the short and long-term. What we want to do is to offer you some choices to inspire you in terms of growth, renewal and/or consolidation of your business.

In this regard, the BDCC will provide tools to promote reflection regarding the strategy of each business.


The community of the basque district of culture and creativity


Do you need advice or guidance?

Are you looking for tools to help you think about your project, company or organisation? Do you have any doubts or questions regarding tools or programs?

With our experience and network, we support you through all the phases of your business initiative by means of personalised advice.

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